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silver diamine fluoride

Silver Diamine Fluoride

In our office we use Silver Diamine Fluoride when indicated. Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) is a clear liquid applied to the tooth to re-mineralize dental caries (cavities) by hardening of soft dentin. SDF is also used for immediate relief from dentinal sensitivity.

SDF has been used in parts of Africa and Asia for over 50 years and only recently has entered the US market.

SDF is effective in re-mineralizing dental caries especially if the caries have not progressed in deeper layers of the tooth.

However, SDF has an important limitation. It turns the cured areas of the tooth black. As such, we avoid using SDF in front teeth. We request that parents that wish to use SDF do sign an informed consent acknowledging this limitation.


  • Initial caries on posterior teeth react well to SDF. SDF is often our first choice for addressing decay in very young children that cannot tolerate lengthy procedures.


  • Known allergies to silver or to fluoride
  • Treating anterior teeth due to the blackening of the teeth
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