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Sedation & Hospital Dentistry

We strive to create a pleasant, stress-free environment where everyone is able to undergo dental treatment in the office. However we recognize that children and adults with dental phobias may need some added help to control anxiety. Our office is licensed to use the safest clinical approaches to provide mild sedation, including nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas) and/or oral sedation.

We also maintain hospital privileges and, when indicated, provide full mouth rehabilitation (all treatments completed in one session) in the hospital under general anesthesia. Full mouth rehabilitation involves restoring the whole mouth in one session (1h-3 hours) while the patient is asleep.

Costs of sedation and/or hospital general anesthesia

Mild sedation (with oral premedication and nitrous oxide – oxygen inhalation) is a wonderful service for the right patient. It minimizes the stress of the dental procedure and makes it more tolerable and pleasant. Best candidates are younger children in their pre-cooperative stage and anyone with dental phobia or anxiety.

In-office sedation

To maintain the highest safety and quality standards, sedation adds significant time to each procedure as well as significant fixed costs associated with running a full service (plumbing, gas supplies, lease of gas cylinders, health monitoring costs, compliance costs, etc.). Preserving the safety and well-being of our patients is a top priority. To offer the highest level of quality care, our office will assess a modest fee for sedation services. Please note that most dental insurance companies do not cover this service and often the sedation fee ends up being a personal out-of-pocket expense. Please check with your insurance company to find out more details.

Hospital fees

When hospital dental care under general anesthesia is required, we will work with you and your dental insurance to identify any personal out-of-pocket dental costs prior to the procedure. We will file a pre-authorization application with your insurance and will review the results with you prior to scheduling the hospital session.

Please note that dentists are not involved in the medical part of hospital insurance. We are not involved in setting or collecting hospital-related fees such as hospital facility fees, anesthesiologist fees, etc. Medical insurance usually covers such services for children up to age 3 years, although in certain circumstances medical insurance coverage may be extended beyond age 3.

Please contact your medical insurance to discuss details about medical coverage of operating room expenses.

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